Why I started teaching Ballet


There are two reasons why I started teaching classical ballet to children and why I continued.

I was approached by a studio owner and was hired to teach a ballet class of elementary kids whose original teacher had to leave to teach in another city.

There I was, very hesitant in accepting the offer but was coaxed into giving it a try.   I wanted to help her out and so I began teaching the young children.  Teaching ballet is a very slow and long process which takes months to years to perfect, but so what?  I loved seeing the sparkle in the their eyes when they danced!  It is FUN!   We did pirouette lessons with Pokemon songs!

Now I am happy to own a ballet school where children who live nearby have a place to want to come and practice.  Some non-Japanese families  come from far away because they can speak to me in English and learn how to dance in English.  I think all my students have learned a few things that I say in English!

I enjoy meeting everyone everytime and think that every child I have taught so far is very very special!

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