Relax Ballet Class

Relax Ballet Class リラックスバレエクラス





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Do you get tired easily? Constantly have a sore back or neck? Don’t know how to stand straight (in a correct aplomb first position)? Maybe you’ve been learning dance for many years or maybe you’re a beginner but something isn’t clicking. Doesn’t matter! Stick with me and we’ll discover muscular balance- what inhibits your muscles, what needs to be loosened, strengthened and all about improving your dancing techniques all beautifully. Practical approaches such as floor, wall, and foot flexibility exercises, massaging techniques and eventually dance steps in the center.
Remember that dance is a form of expression but the best part of it is it’s without speech. You can learn to dance with more fluidity and use your stage presence with the confidence that’s innate in all of you. Welcome to Relax Stretch Ballet where I will take you through, step by step, the secrets of stretch and ballet made easy! You can ultimately get hold of your utmost youthful and danceable body. Now with the most forefront information as ever, I have devised a class just for adults based on what I’ve learnt from my career as both a classical ballet teacher and dancer in the international dance society. You can begin or you can keep dreaming!
The days and class ticket info is:  Register on-line when you join and choose the most convenient dates. We will contact you about them prior a few weeks to a month in advance.
This class is a ticket system at 1,500 yen/ 1 HR to suit your busy work schedule.

If you have any questions, please contact us from this link.


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